Dog Related Laws

Overall there are a few categories of dogs that have certain laws you need to know about. They are as follows.

1 – “Category” dogs:

The dogs concerned by these laws are primarily defined by racial and morphological criteria, more or less relevant : for example, the decree of April 27, 1999 describes the “pit bull” as a “small dogue of variable color having a perimeter approximately 60 cm (corresponding to a weight of approximately 18 kg) and 80 cm (corresponding to a weight of approximately 40 kg) The height at the withers may range from 35 to 50 cm “… which means that a pit bull dog measuring 60 cm at the withers will not be affected by the law … ( see the example below ).

In any case, two categories have been defined based on these criteria. The requirements for owners of first and second category dogs are summarized below. But beware! category dogs are not the only ones covered by the dangerous dog’s legislation.

2 – Dogs likely to present a danger:

canineUnder the law of January 10, 1997 , ” if an animal is likely, given the terms of its custody, to pose a danger to people or pets, on his own initiative or at the request of any person concerned, may require the owner or guardian of such animal to take measures to prevent danger. “In the event of failure to comply with the prescribed measures,” the mayor, by order, place the animal in a place of deposit adapted to the reception and the guard of this one.

If the owner or custodian fails to provide all the necessary guarantees as to the application of the prescribed measures, the mayor authorizes the manager of the place of deposit, after notice a veterinarian mandated by the director of veterinary services, either to have the animal euthanized or to dispose of it under the conditions laid down.

3 – Dogs having bitten a person:

Any dog that has bitten a person is also concerned: according to the rural code, “all bites of a person by a dog is declared by its owner or holder or by any professional having knowledge in the exercise of his duties at the town hall of the municipality of residence of the owner or the keeper of the animal “. This declaration entails placing the bitten dog under surveillance (three health visits every week to ensure that the animal has not been able to transmit rabies), as well as the obligation to carry out an evaluation. behavioral, the result of which is communicated to the mayor.

The latter may then require the dog owner or keeper to complete the training in order to obtain the aptitude certificate. “If the person concerned fails to comply with these obligations, the mayor or, failing that, the perfect may order that the animal is placed in a place of deposit appropriate to the guard of the latter. In case of serious and immediate danger and after having received the opinion of a veterinarian you can proceed with euthanasia.

What Does it all Mean?

Basically, in summary, the laws state that the owner is responsible for their dogs at all times. Make sure to keep them away from other dogs if they are aggressive.