Law for dog bites

What are the legal rights a victim has when being bitten by a dog?

The law states that the rights the victim has when bitten by a dog depend on whether the victim shares the blame for the injuries caused.

The victim is not guilty of the injuries caused is one law you need to be aware of.

If the victim is not guilty of his injuries, he may charge the owner of the dog an amount of money in compensation for any medical bills, absence from work, damages for emotional distress and other types of personal injury injuries that the judge considers appropriate.

The victim may share the blame for his injuries when the person takes actions that contribute to the dog biting her. For example, the person could have muzzled the dog when the owner was not looking, which led to the dog biting. In this example, the victim would be responsible to the extent that he either removed the muzzle or let the dog out of it’s cage. If this contributed to the dog’s biting then the owner would be responsible for not keeping their canine locked up.

If the victim shares the responsibility, the judge or jury will determine the amount of fault that corresponds to each of the parties. According to the jurisdiction, both the judge and the jury could decide that the victim will not charge anything for their injuries.

dog bite laws

In what cases are pet dog bite claims NOT allowed?

Although state laws vary, in many of them the dog bite victim will NOT be compensated for his injuries when:

  • The victim was an intruder.
  • The victim was a veterinarian or a canine professional who was attending to the dog at the time of the incident.
  • The victim provoked the dog, exerting physical violence on the animal.
  • The victim assumed the risk of being bitten (that is, consented implicitly or explicitly).
  • The dog was collaborating with the police or the Army at the time of the incident.
  • Who really pays for the damages caused when being bitten by a dog?

The law on damages

  • The owner’s insurance.
  • The insurance of the tenant.
  • The landlord’s insurance (which covers the owner, occupant and/or property manager).
  • Commercial liability insurance (which covers stores and other businesses).
  • Employers with insurance coverage (protects only employees).
  • Vehicle insurance (if the accident results from the use of a vehicle); that is, if the dog and the victim were inside the vehicle or if the dog was tied to the vehicle and the victim happened to walk near the vehicle, but probably not if the dog jumped from the car and ran 7 meters (25 feet) to bite to the victim.
  • Pain and suffering.

What damages are available to victims of a dog bite?

  • Medical treatment such as first aid, emergency room, hospital and ambulance.
  • Future medical treatments to reduce scars.
  • Psychological counseling to overcome the emotional trauma of the attack, fear of dogs, agoraphobia and deal with a deformity.
  • Loss of income from work or business of the victim.
  • Shattered clothes or broken glass.
  • Future disability.
  • Death or injury to another pet may entitle you to compensation.

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